Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now who's next?

I would hope that people wouldn't criticize Donovan for making a decision to stay in Florida where his whole family lives and at a place where he's been for 11 years. So many Kentucky fans were just in love with him less than 24 hours ago, and now they just want to see him fail miserably. But, this is the nature of the UK "fan." While I agree that Kentucky has by far the most interest in their basketball program, I don't think that all of those people are true fans. Many just wait for an opportunity to criticize.

Now, who's the next coach going to be? I don't know that there is a clear leader anymore, but here is how I would rank my top 5.

1. Tom Izzo - 4 final fours; 1 nation championship; great recruiter; defense 1st, but style would be different when not playing in the Big 10; good record vs. Florida.
2. John Calipari - Great recruiter; fun style to watch; would love to see what he could do at a big name school.
3 tie. Billy Gillispie - Maybe the most motivated of all the candidates.
3 tie. Rick Barnes - Final 4; another great recruiter; what could he do at a basketball school?
5. Mark Few - Media would love this; what could he do with better players?


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